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What is TOTO's Fully-Connected IoT Smart Restroom?

TOTO's award-winning line of touchless commercial plumbing fixtures are now IoT-enabled, empowering facilities managers and maintenance teams to leverage cloud-based data and mobile software management tools to instantly detect failures, improve safety, and increase hygiene standards.

Save Time. Improve Hygiene. Meet Your Smart Restroom Solution.


Graphique des données

Data transmitted from GP PRO dispensers, TOTO fixtures, and third-party devices to collectors

Graphique des données

Données téléversées en toute sécurité sur Internet via une communication sans fil

Graphique des données

Données stockées et analysées dans le nuage

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Données envoyées aux applications mobiles et bureautiques KOLO™ faciles à utiliser

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L’architecture ouverte permet aux données KOLO™ d’être intégrées de façon transparente dans des applications tierces

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IoT Smart Restroom Benefits



  • Nettoyage basé sur le volume
  • Gestion des effectifs
  • Gestion de la qualité de l’air


  • Alerte le personnel pour vérifier la cabine
  • Required assistance


  • Carte thermique d’utilisation
  • Optimisation de la main-d’œuvre et de l’espace
  • Améliorations futures
  • TOTO's IoT smart restroom, powered by GP Pro and the KOLO Dashboard, empower you with real-time notifications of restroom issues so you can act on cleaning and maintenance needs.

    With our connected restroom, you will:

    Prioritize Tasks. Save Time. Increase Staff Effectiveness.

    • Take charge or time-sensitive alerts, activities, and staff tasks
    • Pursue data-driven preventative maintenance
    • Reduce time spent manually checking plumbing fixtures
    • Immediately learn of visitor concerns so staff can timely address them

    Virtually Monitor Restroom Fixtures. Maximize Cleanliness.
    Receive push notifications when a fixture needs service - or when restroom traffic spikes so that staff can clean the restroom at the optimal time.



  • Repérer et corriger rapidement les pannes
  • Amélioration de la satisfaction des utilisateurs


  • Amélioration de la qualité de l’entretien
  • Accessible au moyen d’un tableau de bord
  • Rapport d’utilisation réelle
  • Rapport des renseignements sur la charge
  • TOTO's cutting edge IoT plumbing fixtures - powered by GP Pro and the KOLO Dashboard - enable you to act on real-time data and reporting to increase your restroom management capabilities.

    With our connected restroom, you will:

    Lower Water Consumption. Save Money.
    Intelligently measure and manage water usage by day, location, shift, or by individual fixture.

    Enhance Your Staff Management Abilities.
    Direct custodial and maintenance staff with ease using real-time data.

    No More Manual Checks. Fix Problems in Real-Time.
    Receive alerts when a device needs maintenance instead of manually checking every device or waiting for a complaint - saving time and money.

    Improve the customer's restroom experience. Keep your clientele.

Change the game in your commercial bathroom.

Download our TOTO IoT Commercial Product Brochure and learn how TOTO can design a customized IoT restroom solution to meet your hygiene and operational needs.

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TOTO IoT at Work

What Do Managers Have to Say?

I'm able to address operational issues throughout IoT, and I'm able to address passenger experience through IoT.

We have an opportunity to change the game in the restrooms.
President & CEO
Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company

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Customize Your TOTO IoT Restroom Solution

Change the game in your commercial restroom.

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